Welcome to The Cryptonic Universe - the world’s first blockchain ecosystem to combine a Crypto Collectibles platform with video games.

Buy, breed and play with your Cryptons, living robots fueled by Quintessence


Discover the Cryptonic Universe

War, pollution and depletion of the life-giving resource Quintessence has brought Cryptons to the verge of extinction. The last surviving living machines went into stasis. Now, with the influx of Quintessence provided by humans, they are awakening…

Revive and control Cryptons – the new interactive, customizable and breedable Crypto Collectibles. Be a part of an ever-expanding blockchain-based universe with a gamified marketplace, mobile games and online multiplayer games.

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Crypto Collectibles, gaming, trading and MUCH more

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Engage in the very first gamified crypto-universe based on blockchain.

Cryptons Game is not an usual crypto-collectible platform. It’s a vast, constantly evolving world with rich, expanding history and endless possiblities. We are proud to introduce you to an adventure like you’ve never seen on a cryptomarket before. Cryptons Game includes a profitable marketplace, mysterious missions, an amazing video games and even a series of card games! Sign up and have the whole universe at your disposal!

Cryptons Game has developed a unique and innovative gaming experience.

It combines collectibility with an engaging system of entertaining games set in Cryptons lore. What it means is… you can use your own Cryptons, place them into video games and play with the very heroes you have created!

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Synthesize (breed) any two robots and create your own unique Crypton using special hatching capsules.

Each new Crypton is one of a kind and has individual, impossible to duplicate genetic code.

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Trade your Cryptons with other players!

The Marketplace enables you to buy, sell and synthesize your own robots and items.

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Gather in special groups called Galaxies and speed up the synthesizing process!

Join a Galaxy and invite other players to it. Synthesizing your Cryptons with players within Galaxies comes with many advantages, shortened hatching time is only one of them!

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Capsule trading

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Spice up the game with a bit of mystery.

Capsules are used for synthesizing Cryptons. Since every new robot is completely unique, the look and features of unhatched units remains a mystery. Feel a little rush of adrenaline while buying and selling unhatched Cryptons using capsule trading system.


Enter global robot recruitment! Special missions require special Cryptons.

Each day comes with a new, exciting mission that only one chosen Crypton can handle. Create a robot that resembles our custom template as closely as possible and reap the rewards!

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Cryptonic Universe


The idea of Cryptons Game is born!
December 2017
Preparatory work began

Creation of platform mechanics

Initial platform development

January 2018
Games development & ICO preparation

Games development: concepts and mechanics
Initial assets development

ICO preparation

February 2018
Mobile games

Collector’s game – mobile game: asset’s production and programming

Mobile Card Game: assets development

March 2018

Collector’s game – mobile game: development

Cryptons assets development

April 2018

16.04.2018 – 30.04.2018

April 2018

2.05.2018 – 31.05.2018

May 2018
Games development

Final platform development

Collector’s game – mobile game: final development

Cryptons assets development

Mobile Card Game: development

Browser game #1: Initial development

May - June 2018
Platform: Soft Launch

Features launch: Synthesis and Marketplace

June 2018
Collector’s game – mobile game: Launch

New platform feature launch: Missions

July 2018
New platform features:

Galaxies and Items

August 2018
Collector’s game – mobile game

Additional features

3Q 2018
Mobile Card Game: Launch
1Q 2019
Cryptons Browser Game: Launch
4Q 2019



lukasz-krasnopolski upnorth ceo
Łukasz Krasnopolski
UpNorth CEO
robert-purzycki head of cryptons project at cryptonsgame.com
Robert Purzycki
Head of Cryptons Project
stanislaw-barzowski head of technology at cryptonsgame.com
Stanisław Barzowski
Head of Technology
maciej wdowiak head od gamedev cryptonsgame.com
Maciej Wdowiak
Head of Gamedev
albert-citkoblockchain and platform developer at cryptonsgame.com
Albert Citko
Blockchain and Platform Developer
piotr-padlewski blockchain and platform developer at cryptonsgame.com
Piotr Padlewski
Blockchain and Platform Developer
maciej-orlinskilead mobile games developer at cryptonsgame.com
Maciej Orliński
Lead Mobile Games Developer
cryptonsgame.com - Game Designer/Level Designer
Jakub Konicki
Game Designer/ Level Designer
Dawid Ignar
Graphic Artist
cryptonsgame.com dominik majewski head of marketing cryptons
Dominik Majewski
Head of Marketing
valeria-gorchynska marketing manager at cryptonsgame.com
Valeria Gorchynska
Marketing Manager
Wiola Kokosza
Advertising Manager
cryptonsgame.com adam-magdziak community manager
Adam Magdziak
Community Manager
cryptonsgame.com daniel-rodowicz copywriter
Daniel Rodowicz


Paweł Chodaczek
Partner & Lead Investor Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Chris Chan
ICO advisor, Principal at Blockstate
Jacek Dąbrowski
Tech advisor, Chief AI Oficer, Synerise
Marcin Strągowski
Tech Advisor, RD Labs CEO