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"Those who reach for the sun, will be the first to turn into ash."

Tyco Mechi ~ Legendary Cryptonic prophet.



There was a time, when the stars were young and the universe still felt undiscovered. During this period of time an ancient, yet highly advanced civilization of Cryptons forged their Empire.

These extraordinary mechanical creatures, able to both think and feel, were perhaps the first living organisms in their dimension to come into existence. Their nature was determined by two fundamental factors: Machinea – a domain of life based on metal compounds, and Quintessence – a form of a life-giving energy that fuels all mechanical beings.

With unlimited access to Quintessence, Cryptons quickly became the dominant species. Eventually they spread among the stars, achieving wonders.


It was the time of an abundance and peace.



Unrestrained thirst for expansion, interstellar voyages and inhabiting new worlds must have come with a price. The Quintessence deposits were decreasing at an alarming rate in the whole known universe. At the peak of their civilization, the Empire faced a crisis of unimaginable consequences.

Low level of the primary energy source became the cause for a conflict between ruling factions of the Cryptonic Empire. Growing hostility inevitably led to war. Armies from dozens of galaxies clashed with each other in the greatest war in their recorded history. The echoes of this conflict resounded in the farthest corners of their dimension. Thousands of solar systems were completely annihilated. Whole generations were lost.

This devastating conflict lasted for millennia, leaving behind no winners or loser, only survivors.

After years of mindless slaughter the long awaited peace was finally conceived. As it turned out, all those sacrifices were in vain. Remaining energy resources were put into partial reconstruction of the fallen empire, but levels of Quintessence were lower than ever.


This became known as the period of sadness and loss.



Dark shadows enshrouded the Cryptons world.

Dramatical deficiency of Quintessence resulted in a death of billions of Cryptons. Dead bodies of those, once nearly almighty organisms, covered the surfaces of every inhabited planet.

Facing the threat of complete extinction, the remaining population of the Cryptonic Empire came up with a final and most desperate solution. In their last grasp of hope, Cryptons began the mass production of Serenity Chambers, which would put the remnants of the once-mighty civilization into everlasting sleep.


All that was left was hope. A faint dream of salvation.



The eons have passed.

Faint memory of the powerful Cryptonic Empire was long gone.

No one could have expected that the slight spark of hope would suddenly shimmer in another dimension.

For unknown reasons our inconspicuous blue planet was chosen to save Cryptons from their demise. Mysterious Emissaries appeared on Earth using forgotten techniques to build connection between universes, allowing humans to communicate through dimensions.

Thanks to the almighty device – The Ark, earthlings could see and feel through the mechanical avatar’s eyes and body, present in the other dimension. Immediately they discovered proof that a civilization much older and infinitely more advanced than their own had existed. They gasped at the breathtaking sight of derelict ruins and monumental structures reaching beyond the horizon.

Humans mesmerized by the sheer size of what they witnessed were eager to rebuild the Empire.


This would mark the new beginning.



In time, overwhelmed humans began unravelling the truth hidden beneath thick coats of dust.

The discovery of ghastly metropoleis was a shock, but with curiosity humans overcame fear. At first, hibernated Cryptons were thought to be the equivalent of robotic workers, just deactivated, unplugged. Unable to find any trace of biological life similar to their own, humans deemed the aliens extinct. Only when they turned their focus on the Serenity chambers and mechanical organisms locked inside, they realized that machines they initially viewed as the servants were in fact the Cryptionian masters.

The Benu Project has been initiated. All available resources were used to bring ancient beings back to life.

Thus, the Zero Generation has awakened.

But much was yet to be done…